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Pizza Place, Italian Restaurant

Giovannis Crewe

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23-25 Nantwich Road Crewe, United Kingdom




Lunch, Dinner


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Homemade Italian food since 1987


This is the commitment we made here at Giovannis to provide you, our guest, with the freshest food possible, it’s not easy making everything ourselves but we do. Our kitchen is a hive of activity as our talented chefs create the offerings on our menu. We never like to take the easy option because we believe that great food involves a combination of time, skills and a touch of Giovannis love. It’s this extra special ingredient that sets us apart.

It would be very easy to buy our pasta in but that isn’t the Giovannis way. Instead, we travelled to Italy and sourced specialist pasta making equipment. We then trained our team how to make great fresh pasta so each and every week that’s what we do because we believe you deserve that level of commitment from us. The great thing about us making ALL of our own pasta is that we can be a bit different. We can try things that the others can’t. On our menu you will find some exciting new flavoured pasta – a chilli penne and a lemon and black pepper spaghetti. Our chefs have really excelled themselves with these. We’d love to know what you think about them.

Did you know that we make all of our own ice cream as well? The great thing about making our own is that we can continually look to improve our recipes because one of the key things we believe in at Giovannis is always striving for perfection. We may never get there but we are always trying.

We make our own desserts. We make our own pizza dough. We make our own soups and sauces. We make everything on this menu. If we had a vineyard we’d make our own wine... maybe that’s an area for future development...

When you have great people working in a team that share the same vision, that embrace the concept, that are enthused to be the best they can be then anything is possible. This sums up the team at Giovannis and together we bring you our menu.

We welcome you to Giovannis!

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Language: English
About us