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Coffee Shop

Pelican Rouge Coffee Experience Antwerp

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Sint Aldegoniskaai 36 Antwerp, Belgium


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Coffee experience shop by the Pelican Rouge brand - Enjoy the good life with us.



At Pelican Rouge we are passionate about good quality and great taste. This passion is what guides us in selecting and roasting our coffees. We were among the first to trade roasted coffee, and to make better taste and quality available to more people.
First in Belgium, later through-out Europe. It is why we started over 150 years ago, and it is why we still are here today. Delivering great taste to all since 1863.

As true coffee craftsmen, we master each part of the process. From sourcing, roasting and serving coffee to our consumers. With our unique international network, we serve to more than 15 million coffee lovers . This enables us to understand and satisfy each of our customers.
Our mission is to make great taste available to all. Just like we did in 1863. We invite our consumers to enjoy the good life today. Together with Pelican Rouge.