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Barbecue Restaurant, Fast Food Restaurant, Family Style Restaurant

Floyd's Barbecue

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5988 Pulaski Pike NW Huntsville, AL, United States


Wed-Sat: 12:00 - 19:30

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Sit back and I will tell you a tale about a famous man named William Floyd (My Grand Daddy)


Once upon a time in Decatur, Alabama, there was a man named William Floyd (my grand daddy) who owned a Bar B Q Restaurant called Floyd's Bar B Q. Now this wasn't just any run of the mill "Q" joint, just one that was renowned for its tender, juicy meat and spicy flavorful sauce. William Floyd is no longer with us. But on his death bed, he passed his legacy on to his young son, Paul (my daddy): The secret to the rich and delicate or hot and spicy sauce, and the melt in you mouth meat. Years passed and young Paul is now grown, married with a family of his own. Even though He was a child when called to his dying fathers side, he has not forgotten his legacy. Paul has a decision to make: should he follow in his fathers footsteps, by opening a restaurant or should he bar-b-q for his family and friends on an occasional weekend?
Urged on by his wife and friends, Paul decided this was one family tradition he didn't want to see forgotten. Now Huntsville, its your turn. Will you decide to be part of history and help a man fulfill his legacy?
Come by Floyd's bar-b-q ( and you will wonder how you ever settled for less)

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Language: English
About us