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Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant, Smoothie & Juice Bar, Food & Beverage Company

Squeeze Juice Works

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675 30th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, United States


Call Now St Pete: (727) 821-1095 Tampa: (813) 402-2837


Mon-Fri: 07:30 - 18:30
Sat,Sun: 08:30 - 15:30

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Breakfast, Lunch


Our mission is to serve the health and well being of the Tampa Bay area.


Best Of The Bay 4 Years In A Row
St Pete (Flagship Store)
St Pete Grand Central


Squeeze Juice Works offers clean, whole organic cold pressed juices, that are as fresh as pulling from the plant and that are made daily.

We offer one, three and five day cleanses available for pick up.
We also sell organic cold press juices by the bottle, a variety of kombuchas, medicinal shots and healthy fun foods Plus, a variety of plant- based grab and go food that feeds the body.

What exactly is a juice cleanse?
A juice cleanse is sustaining yourself with fresh, alive juices for a day, or number of days. It is not a fast. The goal is not to tax or starve the body but to replenish it. Thirty percent of the body’s total energy is used to digest food. When digestion is not the number one process, then our organs get some love and attention from the daily grind of processing fats, toxins, and various other unknowns in your diet. During a cleanse, the nutrient-rich, enzyme packed, alive juices come in to fortify the body, bathing it in vitamins and minerals. On a five-day cleanse, you will notice renewed energy, the palate waking, and self discovery.
Get squeezed already.

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Language: English
About us