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Coffee Shop, Bar

Melrose Umbrella Co.

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7465 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA, United States


Call Now (323) 951-0709


09:00 - 02:00

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Coffee


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Street parking, Valet parking


Neighborhood craft beverage creators! Finely crafted coffee from 9am-5pm and craft cocktails starting at 5pm


Located in the heart of the historic Melrose shopping district the Melrose Umbrella Co. is bringing the social cocktail experience back to basics, where chivalry is alive and well: a place where you are welcomed as a neighbor in an atmosphere that feels like home.

In the early stages of development, owners Zach Patterson & Austin Melrose sought to create a brand and environment that echoed the return of the craft cocktail to one of the most diverse shopping and dining avenues in the world. This is where you make history, it’s where great minds and great ideas are bred, and creativity flourishes.

Sitting around the fire surrounded by salvaged treasures from across the United States by the keen eye of M. Winter Designs, there exists an uncommon intimacy and warmth that emanates from such sentimental surroundings.

These gentlemen have created some of the most exciting, prestigious programs in Los Angeles and have at last combined their passions to build a timeless and unique menu offering for a variety of palates reflecting belief in unique pairings, custom infusions, fresh juices and ingredients.

To compliment the innovative craft cocktail program, Iron Chef champion Chef Eric Greenspan has developed a special menu from neighboring Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese featuring gourmet salads and sandwiches served fresh every day.

The building in which the Melrose Umbrella Co. is housed was built in the midst of the excitement of the demise of


prohibition, after the 18th amendment was lifted via ratification of the 21st amendment. Making December 5th, 1933 historically known as “Repeal Day” as it was the only instance in U.S. history that a constitutional amendment was retracted.

The iconic image that marked this momentous celebration was an umbrella with raindrops falling from the inside representing the promise of, Many Wet Days To Come.

The Melrose Umbrella Co. is paying homage to the history of the post-prohibition era, and the rebirth of America’s culinary contribution – the cocktail.


When owners Zach Patterson and Austin Melrose were building Melrose Umbrella Co., they envisioned a well-crafted and comfortable location to enjoy espresso, coffee and tea. This sentiment was continually echoed and affirmed by the neighborhood that harbors them. After this year and a half of operating the cocktail program, they have now set out to create a coffee program that will evolve the space into the special and unique imbibery that they’ve imagined.

To accomplish their goal of creating an all-day destination the team sought out a barista with the inspiration, expertise and passion in creating a program that paralleled their existing cocktail program. Upon being introduced to Matt Sala, a seasoned industry professional with experience in both the craft cocktail and specialty coffee worlds presented the perfect partner to oversee the development of the menu. Sala describes his approach to coffee as holistic and individualistic with a dedication to providing guests with a uniquely tailored experience.

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About us