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Indian Restaurant, Cafe, Grocery Store

Datta Bhau - VADA PAV

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Feroze Gandhi Market, Opp ICICI Bank Ludhiana, India


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10:00 - 23:00

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"Pioneers in Ludhiana" with authentic _VADA PAV_ cooked by our maharashtrian cooks!


Delicious Drive in


The approach to my thought world which is based on social,commercial,personal,official & spiritual analogy was designing a food outlet which was mouthwatering & as spicy life could be.

This started with a evolution of constant thinking and able to suddenly notice my instinct that put my physical form in to silent action giving me a platform to perform with what i may have been inspired by subconsciously.

"Fast Food"

I decided to go for real value in terms of selling vegetarian finally with penny pricing.
It was called "VADA PAV", jhakaas mumbai street food.

VADA PAV is about a year old now as we conducted pilot study with a small stall at choupaty in Ludhiana.

Life is about a carnival and a big circus where people entertain each other with different characters & roleplay.....
We forget that our life is also about hollywood & bollywood but we do not screen our movies as we are too busy performing.

Chalo.....Yeh tou meri kahani hai abhi abhi jo chal rahi hai jab tak aplogon ka saath ho aur protsahan miley :-)

I wish to create a community around who would make this their "ADAA" to meet,entertain and exchange conversations.

Welcome All and Be a part of this "VADA PAV" community with the hope that what tomorrow brings in for all of us, we never know.

Let me inspire your life VADA PAV and MUMBAI CUTTING, ek dum Jhakaas!

Paisa Vasool !

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Language: English
About us