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Stuttgart North station

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Nordbahnhofstraße Stuttgart, Deutschland


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Stuttgart North station is in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It consists of a passenger railway station on the Stuttgart S-Bahn and a goods yard.HistoryOwing to the increasing volume of traffic, the Royal Württemberg State Railways (Königlich Württembergische Staats-Eisenbahnen) required further locomotives. In 1891, the railways acquired land for a new yard in the district of Prag at the junction of the Gäu and the Northern Railways (Frankenbahn) with a locomotive depot with 59 locomotive stalls and a freight yard. Two years later, in 1893, construction began. The aim was to relieve the old Stuttgart Central Station. Tracks were also laid from Feuerbach for freight trains running towards the Gäu Railway.In April 1894, the railway depot was inaugurated. On 1 November 1895, operations started at the Prag goods yard (Prag-Güterbahnhof). It also had a military loading ramp and a loading dock for the discharge of sewage.The Prag area developed into a suburb with new homes built for the staff of the Royal Railway administration (königliche Eisenbahnverwaltung) that was established in 1894. It also decided to build a railway station for passengers in the Cannstatt district on the Ludwigsburg road (called Nordbahnhofstraße since 1936). This was opened as Prag station on 1 October 1896. It was soon renamed as Stuttgart North to avoid confusion with the Czech capital, also called Prag in German. The entrance building with a service and a waiting room was built on the track towards Feuerbach. A waiting room was built on the track towards Stuttgart Central Station. An iron footbridge was built across the goods yard.