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Sandalo Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine 香道湾健康素食料理
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Language: English
About us

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant, Malaysian Restaurant

Sandalo Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine 香道湾健康素食料理

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1990 people have been here


31, Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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11:00 - 15:00

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Coffee


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Vegetarianism is the most direct way to slow global warming!


香道湾 Sandalo

21世纪的社会, 大家追求的是健康与环保理念 , 近几年的科学家已经证实了, 人与大自然是息息相关 。有良好的环境,我们才能索取营养的食物,有了营养的食物,我们才拥有健康的生活 。 所以我们都意识到, 没有了健康就等于失去了一切。 医生们常说, 预防胜于治疗, 同时医学界也证明了, 癌症病患者, 可以透过吃素舒缓癌细胞的增长, 因为癌症细胞的主要营养源自肉类的酸性. 而且数据也显示吃素比吃荤的人 的人患上癌症的几率会降低一半。
世界各地已经越来越多人选择素食, 名人当中也包括了世界首富比尔盖茨 ,Johnny deep, 张学友 , 李连杰 , Barack Obama 美国总统, 刘德华 ,王菲, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 创办人 , Leonardo DiCaprio , 爱因斯坦 ( 物理学家) , 甘地 印度国父), Carl Lewis 运动家 , Teresa of calcutta 修女。。等等。

而且不约而同的比尔盖兹, 以及李嘉诚同时都在研发健康素食。Kathy Freston是一位健康專家,同時也是紐約時報暢銷作家,擁有多本著作。她透過健康飲食、情緒管理,倡導身心靈健康。




所以我们创立了 <香道湾> 的理念很简单, 就是希望和大家分享如何养生, 以及吃得健康与安心,同时提昌环保 ,爱护地球!

”香“ ~美食香味

“道” ~养生之道

“湾” ~尽在香道湾


21st century society, we pursue the concept of health and environmental protection, in recent years, scientists have confirmed that people are closely related with nature. Have a good environment, we can obtain the nutrition of food, with the nutrition of food, we have a healthy life. So we all realize that without health is tantamount to losing everything. Doctors often say that prevention is better than cure, and the medical profession has proved that cancer patients can ease the growth of cancer cells through vegetarian, because the main nutrients of cancer cells from the acidity of meat and the data also show that vegetarian than People who eat meat people will reduce the risk of cancer in half.
Johnny deep, Jacky Cheung, Jet Li, Barack Obama President of the United States, Andy Lau, Faye Wong, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder, Leonardo DiCaprio, Einstein.. (Physicist), Gandhi, father of India), Carl Lewis sportsman, Teresa of calcutta nuns. . and many more.

And invariably Bill Gates, as well as Li Ka-shing at the same time in the development of healthy vegetarian. Kathy Freston is a health expert and a New York Times bestselling author with several books. Through healthy eating and emotional management, she promotes healthy mind and body.
According to the report: As long as everyone vegetarian day, the United States will save:
● 100 billion gallons of water, enough to supply New England residents for nearly four months of household water;
● 1.5 billion pounds of feed grain, enough to feed the New Mexico state for more than a year;
● 70 million gallons of natural gas, providing fuel for all cars in Canada and Mexico more than enough;
• Three million acres of land, twice the size of Delaware;
● 33 tons of antibiotics.
● 12 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to France's annual output;
• Three million tons of soil erosion resulted in an economic loss of $ 70 million;
● 4.5 million tons of animal manure;
• Nearly seven tons of ammonia nitrogen (one of the major air pollutants) emissions.

Most people think that industry and transportation are the most important sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report, animal husbandry and aquaculture emissions of greenhouse gases, up to 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, greater than 13.5% of transportation, such high emissions of animal husbandry on the direct impact of global warming, So environmentalists called on the public to change to eat vegetarian food to slow global warming.

Vegetarianism is the most direct way to slow global warming!

So we created the concept of "Hong Road Bay" is very simple, is to share with you how to health, and eat healthy and at ease, while Chang Chang environmental protection and the Earth!

"Hong" ~ gourmet fragrance

"Road" ~ Health Road

"Bay" ~ do in Hong Kong Bay

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Language: English
About us