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Indian Restaurant, Hotel


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Itc Maurya, Sardar Patel Marg New Delhi, India


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Bukhara is a restaurant at the Luxury Collection ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi, India. Established in 1977, it is "heavy on meats, marinated and grilled in a tandoor (clay oven)


The romance of the rugged North West Frontier comes alive at this authentic, award winning restaurant making it a landmark dining destination in New Delhi.

A key feature on the itinerary of practically every visitor to New Delhi, Bukhara recreates the charm of the traditional clay oven or tandoor with its delicious menu of succulent tandoor-cooked kebabs, vegetables and breads.

Once a rustic cuisine, it was enjoyed in the harsh rugged terrain of the North West Frontier, bringing comfort and succour to diners, with its warm, robust flavours.

Today, Bukhara has perfected the art of this cuisine, evident in its star dishes such as the Sikandri Raan, the iconic Dal Bukhara and the various platters that offer a sampling of the menus best features.

A beacon of culinary excellence across the globe and the undisputed pride of India, Bukhara has won innumerable accolades over the years, making it the only globally recognised Indian restaurant and the preferred dining destination of gourmets, presidents and heads of state for over 35 years.

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Language: English
About us