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Cantonese Restaurant

Wokit Noodle Bar

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437 Smithdown Road Liverpool, United Kingdom


Call Now 0151 733 2008

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Fresh, Fast and Nutritious Oriental Food


No MSG // We Prepare All Our Dishes Fresh, Everyday.

Here at wokit, we want you to experience the delicious taste of our east asian inspired dishes. As people like you, we only want to eat great quality food, that’s why we only use quality ingredients. We have all our produce delivered fresh every morning, so each day our food tastes naturally full of flavour.

All of our sauces are made from capturing authentic ingredients from around the world. Giving each of our dishes a unique taste, bursting with tantalising flavours and aromas.

Due to the intense heat from the wok along with minimal oil, and short cooking times we ensure the nutrient value of your food is not lost. Leaving your mouth watering and your taste buds tingling.

Our menu allows you to mix and match your favourite ingredients to create the meal that’s perfect for you.

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Language: English
About us