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Tex-Mex Restaurant, Southwestern Restaurant

Lara's Tortilla Flats

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715 N Main St Oshkosh, WI, United States



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Lunch, Dinner


Lara's Tortilla Flats is Oshkosh’s first and favorite Mexican Restaurant. Visit this link for easy, online orders:


At Lara’s, we’re proud to serve the finest in Mexican cuisine to our customers for the past 40 years. From our humble beginnings when Tortilla Flats started as a small “hole in the wall” restaurant seating 35-40 people to our current location which seats 125 people, Lara’s has always used the freshest and highest quality ingredients to make your favorite foods.

Whether you are looking for a simple taco or a more complex dish such as Mole Poblano, Lara’s is sure to please and satisfy your appetite. The cuisine of Mexico is as complex and varied as dishes from other ethnic cuisines.

Every region in Mexico has its own style in the preparation and serving of all dishes: from the simple taco to roasted meats. Lara’s brings you the great tastes of Northern Mexico using the culinary traditions of the Lara and Moran family recipes. Our family food is a blend of the various simmering spices and sauces that have made the foods of Northern Mexico so enticing and enjoyable.

For extraordinary Mexican cuisine full of authentic flavor, take a seat with us in the heart of downtown Oshkosh at Lara's Tortilla Flats!

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Language: English
About us