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French Restaurant, Cafe

La Brasserie Restaurant

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8 front de mer, Commune d'Agadir Agadair, Morocco

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With a luxury decor, and comfortable cosy ambience, bistro style menu and specialities of international and mediterranean's dishes.we are welcoming you!


welcome to the fan's page of La Brasserie Restauranr at Agadir,founded in 2013 and was the first of its kind in Morocco.And quickly became a firm favorite space for Agadir citizens cuz of it food quality and it high standing services.

Our restaurants fell into two categories: Cafes & Restaurants. The Restaurants operated in the classical vein,open 9-11.30 for breakfast,from 12-3pm for lunch,from 16-18.30 for snacks,creps and our deliciouse pancakes,and from 7-11.30pm for dinner. For whom was often disappointed to be turned away by a restaurant at ten past three in the afternoon and refused a meal. We made all day eating available for perhaps the first time in Agadir and paved the way for large groups who picked up on this more flexible approach to smart casual eating which remains an important feature in the City today.

There followed of hard work utilising the experience & knowledge we had accumulated along the way and as our popularity grew so we did our need for space and the restaurant was eventually extended our day suggest in propose a special Menu of The Day board in a special dish for change your daily taste.

One of the key components to our success over has been simplicity and perfect choices on our ingredient , from our personally selected wines through to our french classical menus and dishes.

Many celebrities frequent La Brasserie as part of our appeal is that can feel at ease in this most comfortable environment and simply “chill out”.and our daily animation at dinner time give the restaurant a chill out atmosphere and specialized our dishes on deferent tastes.

Trends come and go, but La Brasserie Restaurant retains it place in the market by gradual adjustment to the modern world without losing its old world charm. We really are here to serve and we are very proud to have been an Agadir's institution for so many reasons,from the fresh ingredient cuz of the Agadir bay and it reputation of good vegetables and fish,to the beautiful weather in our terrace,to the regulars frequent our space,to the know of how to do our specialities,and our delicate services of our amazing team, occasionally at the same table we are welcoming you at la brasserie for the best lounge and food.

Our mission is provide the best ambiance for everyone and delicate chose of our products to please your tastes.Don't stop there come join our salon everyday a surprise is waiting you,and our bar is open to chill out and after work lounge with a cocktail of animation from belly dance show to live play music. Invite your freind and enjoy our knowledge to make the best of international and mediterranean food and ambiance of sought Morocco Agadir !

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Language: English
About us