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Restaurant, Cafe, Food & Beverage Company

Brooklyn Brine

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67 35th St Brooklyn, NY, United States


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Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 15:00

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Better made, well differentiated, vegan brine infused condiments and pickles.


Brooklyn Brine was founded by chef Shamus Jones in 2009. After working in restaurant kitchens for several years, Jones decided to have a go at the pickling industry. With creative intent in hand Jones began to reinvent pickle-making with a fresh, creative twist on a long standing traditional NYC food. And with that, a mission to create a Damn Fine Pickle began.

Brooklyn Brine quickly gained recognition developing
products such as Whiskey Sour Pickles, infusing Finger Lakes Distilling Rye Whiskey into it’s signature brine, to red wine vinegar soaked fennel beets, brightened with fresh tarragon and aromatic fennel seed. And most notably, a collaboration with Dogfish Head Brewery for a first of it‘s kind hop infused pickle! Jones’ enlivened flavors of the NYC pickle has gained not only nationwide recognition &
distribution, but has broken ground in the UK, Japan, China, South Africa and beyond.

In 2013 with rapid growth, Jones’ expanded the culinary experience opening the Pickle Shack in Brooklyn. An inspired restaurant offering tasty bites from fried pickles and heavenly enticing sandwiches to thrice cooked fries served with a side of your favorite house made condiment. The Pickle Shack also offers NYC’s largest selection of Dogfish Head beer creating a harmonious atmosphere where beer and pickle become one.

Today, the Brooklyn Brine Co. has maintained it’s deep rooted philosophy, manufacturing a thoughtful, honest product with a keen focus on quality and cleanliness of
ingredients. Sourcing from local suppliers and handpacking each and every jar with daily deliveries of fresh produce.

A New York pickle through and through, our love in a jar to your plate!

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Language: English
About us