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Restaurant, Historical Place, Shopping & Retail

Historic Royal

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3801 Hillsborough St. Raleigh, NC, United States


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Historic Royal is a confluence of architectural significance and local businesses, housing a variety of eating establishments, services and an event center


Historic Royal is a national landmark because of its unique architecture. Formerly 'The Royal Baking Company', a baking plant built in 1941, the building characterizes the utilitarian brick architecture of that era, with an international flare. The Royal Baking Company is associated with a period of industrial expansion in Raleigh after the great depression.

Historic Royal has been re-purposed into a funky, retro shopping center with a focus on local proprietors. It combines great culinary delights such as Jasmin Mediterranean Bistro & Ben & Jerry's. The new locally-owned coffee shop and art gallery, Lucky Tree is a part of the family of businesses. And Brickhouse sports pub is a great place to watch your favorite college sports team. Historic Royal houses other service businesses such as Halo Salon and F8 Photo. "Royal Bakery Event & Conference Center" is the perfect venue for a wedding, corporate or charity event.

Historic Royal is an authentic Raleigh experience, a preferred place to eat, shop and do business.

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Language: English
About us